Clair-Maltby Matters

Development in Clair-Maltby is going to have an impact on the water, livability and economy of Guelph. We want to make sure it is a positive impact. The Clair-Maltby area (a part of the Paris-Galt moraine) will be Guelph’s largest urban expansion and could be home to 25,000 new people! If this development is not planned properly, there will be very real and very negative impacts on our water table, the livability of our community and the strength of our local economy.


Keep Our Water Safe

Clair-Maltby is part of the Paris-Galt Moraine, which contains groundwater. A lot of ground water. As the largest community in Canada that gets drinking water from natural wells (like those in the Paris-Galt Moraine), Guelph needs to make sure that all our planning puts water security and safety front-and-centre in all decision making.


Build A Livable Community

We know that communities designed for people (not just cars) are happier, healthier and more vibrant. We also know they don’t happen by accident and require clear and thoughtful plans that are based on extensive community consultation, which has not happened during this process.


Strengthen Our Local Economy

The right kind of development can make or break a local economy. We know that cities that build for multi-use (meaning a variety of homes, businesses and green spaces) don’t just create neighbourhoods where people live, they create economies that thrive. Thinking about good design (and the right mix of uses) now will make sure that Clair-Maltby is a community where both people and business can prosper – not just add more commuting congestion to our roads.


Where is Clair-Maltby